Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Konkan coast

My husband recently returned from a week long work related trip to southern Maharashtra. The Konkan is famous for mangoes, cashews, jack fruit, paddy fields, and yummy fish. I didn't get to go, but I recommended that he eat a lot of mangoes and a lot of fish. Unfortunately, mango season was almost over down there, and it's not really a good time for fish.

So in lieu of bringing back real mangoes, he brought back some wooden ones from Sawantwadi, which is famous for wooden toys, and wooden models of fruit and vegetables. I was inspired to make another box bag, but with an orange zipper in celebration of mangoes!

Wooden toysBox bag with mango colored zip

With a gentle tap, this beautiful doll wobbles (dances) at the neck and waist.



The grey yarn is from the fleece of a local breed of sheep. It is a bit rough, and probably better suited for weaving, rather than knitting; the purple yarn is jute. I was impressed with the canvas bag the shop gave out with each purchase.

Wooden top

I have also been enjoying spinning this top.

On another note, the Monsoon is here at long last. Subdued and disconcertingly late, but here nevertheless. Enjoy Sunday.


  1. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing. I have subscribed and am looking forward to seeing more. The details photos are spot on. Even the lighting, which can be a challenge in details.

  2. I am also impressed with the canvas bag! The box bag looks wonderful!