Friday, December 10, 2010

Après le storm

Turns out that is was a record breaking snowfall. A full 11 centimeters. A generous dump of 4.5 inches. And, Paris was totally unprepared.

Sunshine after snow

It was a beautiful sunny day après la neige, so I took another walk. At my own risk, I might add.

Apres le 'storm'

While most of the "catastrophic" snow had melted, the rest had compacted down and was icy. No shovels in sight.

Apres le 'storm'

But what does a girl from India know about snow? I was just trying hard not to grin and to not break a leg.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow in Paris

Snow in Paris

This is what it looked like outside my window before I decided to take a walk yesterday.

Snow in Paris

No one was really prepared for that much snow ('that much' by Paris standards).

Snow in Paris

Not pedestrians,

Snow in Paris

and certainly not cars. The roads were in a general state of disorder as cars slid around in the dirty snow. I saw a fancy Mercedes being pushed by five or six police officers with it's rear tyres spinning furiously, and I saw a young woman break down in violent sobs in the middle of a busy intersection with sheer exhaustion from pushing her scooter that had stopped working. It wasn't all bad, but that was when I stopped talking pictures.

I heard a couple of girls giggling and singing, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." at the top of their lungs while crossing the street, and I saw several kids and puppies enjoying the wet, heavy snow on their walk back home from school.

Snow in Paris

I certainly enjoyed the snow. I loved it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last week

Birthday lunch

I celebrated my birthday with a French meal at A La Biche Au Bois, which was authentic, cosy and delicious.

snow in paris

It snowed off and on all of last week. Not much, but just enough to make all of Paris look so pretty.

Birthday treats

And, in addition to a rich chocolate gâteau, I had several other petit birthday treats. Yum. Hope you had a good week too.