Friday, January 28, 2011

Japanese smock

Browsing book shops in Japan

I bought a couple of sewing books on my quick trip to Japan last month. It was difficult to decide which ones to buy, there were several shelves of books to pick from!

Japanese sewing books

My decision to buy the ones I finally chose was influenced by the many lovely creations I have come across online. Most of the patterns in these books have clean lines and are minimalist, which I find very appealing.

Adult Couture Dress & Smock Blouse

I picked Smock no. 21 from the Adult Couture Dress and Smock Blouse book (yes, it translates to a rather odd title in English) as my first project. I don't read Japanese but the drawings provided sufficient direction.

Japanese smock: #21

I traced out a size 7 but took in an inch or so at the sides, and left out the ties in the front.

Japanese smock: #21

I've never sewed with any material other than cotton and (occasionally) silk, so my fabric selection stays pretty limited in the winter months. I used a lovely cotton kalamkari from in India, not at all suitable for winter, but I wear it over a wool turtle neck top, which works pretty well. I'm hoping to try my hand at sewing with other materials soon.

One last photograph of me taken by mon marie at the Musée de la chasse et de la Nature in front of a forest made out of corrugated board!

Japanese smock: #21


  1. the fabric which is already lovely, is made to look even more beautiful when used in this garment. perfectly tailored!