Monday, August 24, 2009

Ganpati bappa moriya*

Breakfast 230809

After a typical Maharashtrian breakfast of poha (flattened rice, all spiced up), we decided to take a walk around the neigbourhood on the first day of Ganesh Chaturti.

Ganesh chaturi - day one

The streets were decorated,

Ganesh chaturi - day one

and people were waiting patiently in anticipation of the evening's celebration.

Ganesh chaturi - day one

We saw Ganeshas being transported on foot, bicycles, and motorbikes. The smaller ones are generally for peoples' homes, while the larger ones are put up on a makeshift stage in the neighbourhood, like this one below.

Ganesh chaturi - day one

Ganesh chaturi - day one Ganesh chaturi - day one
We were inspired to make our own little 'shrine' when we got back home. Bringing a 'real' Ganesh idol into your home for Ganesh Chaturi is considered a big deal. Once you decide to do it, you are committed to bringing one home each year (along with carrying out a whole slew of pujas) for the next several years. We almost bought one this year, but then decided to refrain from angering the Gods!

Sunset 230809

It rained in the evening, but with the setting sun, the larger processions took over the road. I didn't get too many good shots in the dark.

Ganesh chaturi - day one

We also stayed busy in the kitchen, making sweets and snacks. And eating! More pictures tomorrow.

* A cheer heard throughout the festival of Ganesh Chaturti.

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