Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aurangabad Part I

It has taken us a while to sort through all the photos we took in Aurangabad; here are but a few. I thought I'd break it up into three posts - here's the first.

Daulatabad fort
Daulatabad fort in the distance.

Late morning the first day after work, we took the local bus from Aurangabad to Daulatabad fort, about 13 kilometers northwest. This fort dates back to the ninth century and was occupied by Hindu tribes, the Bahmani dynasty, the Mughals, and the Marathas.

Daulatabad fort
Chandminar or Victory Tower

Daulatabad fort
The fort is surrounded by a spectacular moat cut out from the basalt.

Daulatabad fort
First step well I've seen.

Daulatabad fort
View from the top.

This time of year, there are very few tourists, and we were glad to take in this grand fort minus the crowds (there were quite a few langurs, though!). I have visited a number of forts in India, but this visit was memorable for a variety of reasons. Although it rained off and on, we spent more time at this site than we thought we would.

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