Monday, July 6, 2009

Pattern making

You might remember my lament from before about not having any sewing patterns at hand in India. I have been sewing mostly bags and other odds and ends, but no clothes. I considered taking a sewing class, but most of them focus on kurtas, churidars, and salwars. While I want to learn to sew all of these garments, I also want to learn how to make a simple skirt and top. Besides, most classes have long hours (or run all weekend long), making them too much of a commitment for me right now.

I looked in several book stores around the city for a pattern making book, but couldn't find anything to suit my needs. My urge to sew clothes led me to the old part of the city. Narrow lanes and old architecture make visits to the area an adventure each time. I was afraid of getting run over if I stopped paying attention for even a second, so no photos, but I found a book I liked!

Drafting patterns

After much measuring, squatting and bending over newspaper and tracing paper, I came up with my first sewing pattern. I decided on an A-line skirt. Although it is a very simple garment (almost doesn't require a pattern), I figured it would help me understand dart size and placement, issues of ease and proportion, and about pattern drafting in general. I am excited to see how the skirt turns out, and will keep you posted.

Do you have any experience or tips on drafting patterns?


  1. Can't wait to see the skirt. Unfortunately, I have little experience with pattern use or making...

  2. you can refer to H J Armstrong - Pattern-making for fashion. It is a staple book for fashion design students.