Wednesday, February 23, 2011

World Wednesdays: Vientiane food edition

We enjoyed our first meal in Laos on the outskirts of Vientiane. It was a Sunday and most of the preferred noodle shops were closed, but we eventually found a bowl of steaming hot noodle soup.

This photo takes me right back - I remember perspiring from eating too many chilies, and worrying about the water used to wash the fresh herbs. I remember chasing away flies with a flick of my wrist and trying not to step on the matted dog under our table. I remember children lazing in hammocks and chicken scratching the dry dirt. I remember vividly, the excitement from being in a new place.

Thum muk hoong, Lao papaya salad. Bursting with flavour and fiery hot (by far the spiciest thing I ate on that trip). The Thai version, som tam, is much sweeter than the Lao version.

My first taste of dragon fruit, a perfect respite to all the spice.

Grilled fish along the banks of the Mekong.

We were also lucky to be part of a baci ceremony, where we got to try some expertly prepared traditional Lao dishes by our friend's family. A few food photos from the ceremony:

Vientiane: baci ceremony
The spread included,

Vientiane: baci ceremony
beef laap,

Vientiane: baci ceremony
a delicious soup (that I can't remember the name of),

Vientiane: baci ceremony
fresh vegetables and herbs, and sticky rice (that I don't have a picture of).

Vientiane: baci ceremony
Of course, there were crates of warm Beerlao to wash down all of this delicious food.

Vientiane: baci ceremony
The aftermath.

Thanks for indulging me as I reminisce on this especially grey day in Paris.

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  1. When were you guys in Laos? These are some amazing photos and memories! Isn't dragon fruit so beautiful? I would love to try a Lao som tam one of these days!