Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Goode Family

This video on the NY Times website about the new show on ABC, The Goode Family made me laugh out loud. I won't catch the premier, but I thought I'd make a bag in honor of it. I always carry a couple of cloth bags in my purse for any shopping I might do. This way I never have to use plastic or paper! I do sometimes, however, pile my groceries in my arms!

Yesterday, my aunt gave me an old kurti (tunic) and a bedskirt to recycle. Since it isn't a whole lot of fabric, I thought I'd make a small purse rather than a shopping bag. I've settled on the Buttercup Bag. It is a free pattern that I recently found on the Made By Rae blog. Head over to the flickr group if you want to see some of these cute bags!

Fabric: to be recycled

An old tunic and some linen fabric to be recycled.

Close up

Close up of the print

Now I can feel particulary "Goode" about my final product, since not only am I recycling fabric, but I know that it isn't made in a sweat shop!

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