Sunday, August 15, 2010

Travel wallet

Before we set off on our long trip in February, I made my husband a travel wallet. He wanted something that could be concealed but also be easily accessed. There are several sturdy ones that can be purchased (he owns one) but he wanted something smaller, less bulky, and more comfortable to wear on the road.

Travel wallet Travel wallet

I used some sturdy fabric to make a couple of loops that fit over his belt, and attached them to a basic, lined zippered pouch that I made using scrap fabric. It's just large enough to hold his passport and other travel documents. It flips over easily and is almost completely concealed!

Travel wallet

He wore it every single day for four months, after which it began to look pretty weary and tired!

Travel wallet: road weary Travel wallet: road weary

The next time I make one, I'm going to try and incorporate a water resistant lining or perhaps use some sort of water resistant fabric. Nothing that will make it too bulky but something to help keep travel documents and money dry-er, the next time we are caught in a heavy downpour again!

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  1. What a great idea! It's the best when something we made gets a whole lot of use. I might have to make one of those, too.