Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh, dear!

I didn't realise that we are exchanging gifts this Christmas till 6:45 a.m today. I knew that my mum was hosting the meal this year and that I had volunteered to cook the bulk of it, but Christmas presents hadn't entered my thinking. It's partly because even though we always celebrated Christmas growing up in India, we didn't always exchange gifts. And because no one said anything.

Oops. I suppose some last-minute gifts are in order. I'll have to buy some but I'll also be trolling the internet for some ideas (feel free to share any that you might have) in the next few hours, so I must be off. I'll leave you with some of my favourite photos from the last few weeks.

Kids getting ready for their first Communion at Church, Vasai.

All smiles
At a rural school for tribal children in northern Maharashtra. All smiles.

I spy
I spy.

Juna Bazar
Juna Bazar. A bi-weekly street market where you can find all manner of cool things.

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  1. love the photos, and wishing I was near your kitchen!

    Lots of people on my list are getting zipper pouches this year. Quick to make, and always useful.