Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rain and grey skies

The skies have been grey for the last three days because of cyclone Phyan. It's uncommon for a cyclone to hit the Konkan coast in November, and it has rained relentlessly for almost 30 hours. It's interesting to listen to the talk this has drummed up on the news channels (and read print media), especially because the Copenhagen conference is around the corner. I'm keen to see how things unfold and what stand India takes, since there has been much back and forth on the subject by the environment minister.

Socks in progress

Anyway, we managed to stay dry; I even dug out my knitting needles. My knitting mojo has been very sporadic in India in large part because of the weather. But the cool breezes (more like winds) of the last few days were enough to give me some inspiration. These are for my mum - a basic 3x1 rib ankle length sock on US 1 needles. I picked up this yarn on our trip to Himachal. I'm not entirely sure what it is (definitely a blend of wool and nylon), but its what the locals use to hand knit socks. The yarn is a little bit stiff and hard on the wrist but the knitted fabric is very warm.

Bangda (Mackerel)
Marinated bangda waiting to be fried.

I also cooked. On grey, rainy days I always feel like a cup of steaming chai with something fried and spicy, usually samosas or kanda bhajias (onions coated in a spiced chickpea flour batter and fried). We had some bangda (mackerel) on hand, so bangda fry it was.

Bangda (Mackerel)

It was a simple lunch of aloo rassa (potato curry with lots of tomatoes), rice and bandga fry. I know, potatoes on rice seem redundant, but it is a fairly popular combination in India, and we quite enjoyed the meal.

I see some blue skies out the window as I type. Just in time for our weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar. We leave tomorrow for a wee vacation. I know it's a little early but here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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  1. oh that meal looks lovely! hope you have a nice trip!